Communication is the gateway to the human heart.

Step on the path to inclusion, transformation, and unconditional love.

Communication. Connection. Inclusion.

Not just important, but sacred.
Communication is the gateway to the human heart. It is how we connect and love. Therefore, I believe that communication is sacred, and we must give it the importance and attention you would give to something sacred. Recently, we have deemed inclusion also to be sacred. As a result, we are all trying to figure out inclusion, and how to become more inclusive in our worldview and our daily lives.
Communication with ourselves and others is the key to inclusion. A true expression (communication) of unconditional love is of the Divine, and our commitment to love is what will drive us to raise the level of our communication not only so it does no harm, but so that our communication expresses unconditional love and acceptance of self and others, everywhere, always.

The road to transformation...

The journey we all crave
Most people are seeking transformation.
Transformation is impossible without improving my ability to communicate with others but more importantly with myself.
I cannot become a better person, if I do not learn to speak to myself in an unconditionally kind manner.
How I speak to myself ultimately dictates how I speak to others.
Only when I am motivated by sharing and communicating with others the love I feel inside for myself, can I transform my relationships.
Unconditionally loving communication with self and others defines my relationships, and once enhanced, automatically leads to the transformation I crave.

My story.

Painfully human. Powerfully transformative.
Openness, kindness, and compassion are no longer just “nice to have” character traits. They are essential for individuals and groups to grow to their potential. Interestingly, growing up in the United States in the seventies and eighties, these traits were reasons for which I was persecuted. Being an openly sensitive and empathic boy in the rural midwest, I was often excluded, misunderstood, and bullied. As a result I became fascinated by what makes people behave the way they do. Later in life, after wandering for years from job to job, project to project, trying to heal the broken aspects of myself, I arrived in a personal growth workshop which became a turning point in my life.

I knew if I could help impart personal responsibility and self acceptance to others, I had found my calling.
I continued on my life path training as a professional life coach specializing in AD/HD and entrepreneurship. I found my insights allowed me to help more people than I ever imagined, including the struggling student, the exasperated parent, the strained marriage, the dysfunctional organization or business, the stressed executive, and even the lost soul. 

During this time, my understanding of my spiritual self exploded. I eventually earned a doctorate in metaphysical healing, became an ordained reverend, and studied psychology at the collegiate level. Integrating my varied life experience with my education, I have arrived at my philosophy of how to help people and groups expand and transform into their fullest potential. Simply, my personal philosophy states, “First inside me, everywhere else next.”

Join me on this journey.

Communication is a deeply spiritual concept. It is what binds us together as humans. It is what creates a sense of self and even a life purpose. If a person or a group of people can not effectively communicate with themselves or others, there is little help to be found for the relationships or businesses that are suffering.

If there is a problem in life related to performance, purpose, or relationship (which encompasses most things in life), I inevitably will find the source of such a problem rooted in a communication difficulty. Finding and resolving communication problems is my area of expertise!
© Ian King. Communication is the gateway to the human heart.